Bio & Artist Statement

Bio & Artist Statement


Alexis Beucler is an artist living and working in Iowa City, Iowa, where she is teaching and pursuing her MFA in Painting & Drawing at the University of Iowa. She was born and raised in Florida, earning her BFA in studio art and BA in English Literature at Florida State University.

Over the past 5 years, Alexis has featured work in more than thirty domestic exhibitions in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan. Alexis was recently recognized for excellence at the University of Iowa and awarded the Eve Drewlowe and Len Everett scholarships. In the spring of 2019 she was invited to participate in the Grant Wood Public Art Residency where she learned best practice skills for murals and community based projects. Since then Alexis has created three outdoor murals each scaling more than 20 feet.

Artist Statement

My work intersects contemporary, classical, and cultural narrations through painting, artist books, and sculptural forms. Through these mediums, I investigate a landscape-figure relationship and weave together regional folklore and personal mythology.

I’m interested in spaces maximized with bright day-glow colors, patterns, and plants inspired by the hot and sticky swampland. When figures find themselves occupying such a space-- one both familiar and estranged-- the excess within the landscape flows into excess of action. The landscape initiates this action and figures respond intuitively-- sometimes by indulging in a picnic and other times in vice. Here the viewer stumbles upon complex moments that examine abuse, passion, femininity, sexuality, violence, impulse; motives uncertain, right and wrongs are displaced and challenged.

Post-action and post-figure, the landscape holds secrets and absorbs the aftermath of intensity-- bodies are rolled in carpet and gifted to the land, cinder blocks hold weight at the bottom of a lake, plants overtake red solo cups. The landscape deals with forced absorption of human action and seeks safety through razzle-dazzle camouflage: dense patterns of mountain forms are transformed into plants and clothing-- attention diverted, ambiguous space mirrors ambiguous motives.