Biography & Artist Statement

Alexis Beucler (she/her) is an American painter. She was born and raised in Florida where she earned a BFA in studio art and BA in English Literature at Florida State University. She holds her MFA in Painting & Drawing from the University of Iowa with secondary focuses in Printmaking and Book Arts. Alexis lives and works in Mason City, Iowa where she is the Visual Arts Instructor and Gallery Coordinator at North Iowa Area Community College.

Alexis has featured work in more than thirty domestic exhibitions across the US in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and North Carolina. Solo exhibitions in the midwest include: Harry & Virginia Murray Gallery (2021), Clear Lake Art Center (2022), MacNider Art Museum (forthcoming 2023) and the Blanden Art Museum (forthcoming 2025). She has been published in Studio Visit Magazine and I Like Your Work Podcast. In 2019 she participated in the Grant Wood Public Art Residency focusing on community-centered public art. Since then Alexis has completed 5 large-scale mural projects across Iowa, each spanning over 20 feet.

Artist Statement
My current body of work comprises of a series of paintings and artist books that build a world, magical and real, liminal and intersexual. This world explores identity, sexuality, human futility, anxiety, passion, love. Characters repeat, landscapes intertwine, time ebbs and flows. Like memories drifting together in a dream, time isn’t linear but rather fragmented, sometimes circular, and intrinsically subverts traditional narrative tradition.

Bouncing from each tableau, characters discover who they are, what their passions are, on their own terms. As they transform, figures and landscapes merge and camouflage together, shedding subconscious cultural systematic ideologies and honing in on a conscious personal set of values. Currently this character growth is marked by a physical transition where characters grow long pollinator noses.

My hopes are to excavate the complexities of this Queering of Space— one that's delicate as a butterfly’s wing, constant as the sun, and rooted in mystery.

Biography & Artist Statement