Digital Illustration Projects > Piet Mondrian Posters

This "Painting Recreation" poster project is an introduction to creating projects on Adobe Illustrator. Students will learn about and create digital versions of paintings made by artists Piet Mondrian and Hilma af Klint. Students will also explore the relationship of imagery and typography.

Recreate Paintings by Piet Mondrian
-- Research Piet Mondrian. Read about his impact on the art world and design.
-- Choose a later geometric painting by Mondrian to recreate. Don't choose an overly simple design.
-- Recreate this painting using Adobe Illustrator.
-- When recreating a Mondrian painting digitally, students will learn how to make geometric shapes, line, and change fields of color.

Illustrator Workflow
-- Step 1: Create Illustrator Document (specs below)
-- Step 2: View Your Illustrator Document
-- Step 3: Upload Image of Mondrian’s Painting. This is your reference image
-- Step 4: Edit Transparency of the reference image
-- Step 5: Recreate the painting using the rectangle shape tool. Choose colors with the Eyedropper tool.
-- Step 6: Create and label Layer. Layers Suggestions: Bottom Layer: Reference Image; Middle Layer Group: Shapes; Top Layer Group: Black Lines

Poster Text
Include the following elements in each poster:
-- Text of the artist's name. Select a font that aesthetically works with the artistic style.
-- Information about the artist that you find interesting
-- Citations of research
-- Add a note that the recreation image is made by you, the illustrator
-- Optional: QR Code

-- Tabloid (11x17)
-- Inches
-- 2 Art Boards (for Hilma and Mondrian)
-- CMYK Color
-- 300ppi (Print Quality)