Digital Art Projects > Digital Self Portraits

Students will create a vector self portrait illustration using Adobe Illustrator. This project includes a portrait, background, and foreground elements. Students will build on skills previously learned and are encouraged to try new tools.

Research Exercise
-- Collect images of yourself & images of various objects within the background/foreground
-- In your sketchbook, create 3 compositions for both parts of this project. Consider the following: What are you focusing on? What is your vision? Consider the mood and aesthetic feel that you are aiming to achieve. What type of color palette are you leaning towards using? Why?

Project Components
-- Take a self portrait photograph to use as a reference photo
Create a simplified graphic portrait that uses flat shapes. Try the following tools to create shapes: Brush tool, pen tool, curvature tool
-- Use the following tools to add detail: Subtle gradients, textures, gaussian blur tool for blending, shape builder tool to add shadows into shapes
-- Once you have your portrait design created, add a background that says something about your personality
-- Include a foreground element (something in front of the portrait)