• Drawing From Life Workshop

    Drawing From Life Workshop
  • UI Greenhouse provides students and community members a place for plant interests

    UI Greenhouse provides students and community members a place for plant interests

    The UI Greenhouse sits on top of Biology Building East, giving students a place to develop research, observe plants, and express their passions for plant life. Sitting at the top of Biology Building East, the University of Iowa Greenhouse has provided students and community members a space to study and follow their interest in plants.

    Ray Tallent, who has been the Greenhouse manager for approximately 10 years, along with assistant and UI senior Majd Moubarak, tend to the plants in the Greenhouse and maintain the space’s temperature. There also are a substantial number of volunteers who help around the facility with watering and pest treatment. “We grow the plants for education, of course, but generally, we are able to offer field trips and different experiences in the Greenhouse,” Tallent said.

    There are currently seven rooms, some of which have themes with the plants. Four rooms hold both student and volunteer plants, and the remaining three are for teaching and public enjoyment. The Greenhouse has more than 200 plants and can be toured throughout the year.

    The Greenhouse supports the research of many UI students on a plant biology track or interested in learning more. Moubarak uses the Greenhouse for her research and uses the hands-on experience she has received through working for the Greenhouse. “I get to water the plants all day long and observe the changes in their growth,” Moubarak said.

    Many of the plants have come from various countries over the years, some having spent more than 50 years with the university. Although the Greenhouse location has changed many times, the plants have wound up in the central location atop Biology Building East. Seed exchanges, purchases, and other avenues through sellers and other institutions have been used to obtain plants, Tallent said.

    The enjoyment, the aesthetics, and more all filter in the overall mission of the Greenhouse. It serves to educate, provide public enjoyment, and give a method of research for the students at the UI. The Greenhouse holds many favorites for both Tallent and Moubarak. However, there are many plants relating to food — coffee beans, lemons, avocados, bananas — that have a special place in Moubarak’s heart. “We have been known to sample,” she said.

    The Greenhouse allows students to take plants they desire with permission from staff. Many students use the Greenhouse for their research or personal enjoyment. The UI Gardeners clubhouses many plants in the Greenhouse. “I don’t do this for them,” Tallent said. “This is their own gig. They grow hydroponic plants, with no soil involved.” A very prominent plant the UI Gardeners club uses in the Greenhouse is kale.

    A graduate student teaching Elements of Art for non-majors, Alexis Beucler, uses the Greenhouse every week to inspire her students in their work.

    “I take my students to the Greenhouse numerous times a week to inspire them,” Beucler said. “It’s an investigation — these ‘organic’ places are more interesting to discover shape, color, and texture for their art. I hope that through the Greenhouse they develop a greater appreciation for natural spaces.” Beucler has her students use the Greenhouse in partnership with natural museums to develop art based on what they see. She will display her students’ artwork from the Greenhouse in Art Building West this upcoming week.

    “Not many people know we’re up here, but we definitely are open to visitors and new faces,” Tallent said.

    Alexandra Skores, News Reporter
    December 2, 2018

  • Razzle Dazzle Landscapes: Solo Show

    Razzle Dazzle Landscapes: Solo Show

    Razzle Dazzle Landscapes
    MA Solo Show
    @VAB E260 Gallery, Iowa City, IA
    November 5 - 10th, 2018.

    Exhibiting gouache paintings and lithographs.

  • Greenhouse adventures!

    Greenhouse adventures!

    This semester, Fall 2018, I have been taking my Elements of Art students to the University of Iowa's greenhouse in the Biology Building East. It's been a great experience discovering different plants, watching them transform, and watching my students get excited about nature.

  • Exploring Lithography!

    Exploring Lithography!

    Fall 2018: Learning the art of stone lithography with Tom Christison!

  • Mural Painting Workshop!

    Mural Painting Workshop!

    Fall 2018: I taught a mural painting workshop as a community engagement project in a medieval organization I’m a part of last weekend-- it was a ton of fun. Thank you to everyone involved!

  • From the Hip: Making Models of Medieval Girdle Books

    From the Hip: Making Models of Medieval Girdle Books

    The exhibition for this past semester's advanced bookbinding course "From the Hip: Making Models of Medieval Girdle Books" is up in the UICB K. K. Merker Gallery for the next few weeks. Be sure to check out the fantastic work that this class put forth in their efforts to learn and recreate these unique book structures!

  • Ceramics Exploration!

    Ceramics Exploration!

    Spring 2018: Exploring the art of ceramics in Andy Casto's graduate ceramics workshop! These little figures appear as models in a few new oil paintings.

  • Making Parchment

    Making Parchment

    Spring 2018: Medieval Book Studies with Melissa Moreton

    I learned how to make goat skin parchment! I'm going to use it as a cover material for a limp parchment binding-- aka the medieval 'paperback.'

  • Papermaking


    Fall 2017: Learning how to make paper!
    Nepalese, Indo-Islamic, and Japanese with Rhada Pandey.

  • August 2017: Moving into my new studio space at UIowa!

    August 2017: Moving into my new studio space at UIowa!

    Huzzah! A new state, home, studio, easel, school! I'm ready to have a great next 3 years and am looking forward to seeing how much my artwork changes.

  • Draft / BFA Graduating Summer Exhibition

    Draft / BFA Graduating Summer Exhibition

    July 14 - August 3
    Reception July 14th, 6pm

    FSU Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA)
    510 W Call St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32301

    Alexis Beucler
    Emily Ann McCullers
    Jessica Perez
    Kylie Elizabeth McGinnis
    Sarah Piper

  • Furry & Feathered @ Thomasville, GA

    Furry & Feathered @ Thomasville, GA

    Furry & Feathered is a yarn bomb art in the open competition & exhibition in Thomasville, GA. On the main street, artists in groups of 1-3 each cover one of the 21 trees! Maria Ojeda, Madalyn Tucker, and I each have a tree and are covering it up! Here's a work-in-progress shot of me working on the installation!

    More info about the event here!

  • Woodee-Doodee Show

    Woodee-Doodee Show

    Group show at the Tallahassee Glassworks Gallery in October.
    Opening reception: October 7th, 2016.

    I showed the Liquid Landscape panels VIII - IX and two soft sculpture trees

  • Quincy Fest 2016: Chalk Art

    Quincy Fest 2016: Chalk Art

    Quincy Fest, May 2016.
    FSU's Art students created chalk drawings for the festivities with Carrie Ann Baade. Thanks to Tony Barton, Julianne Humphreys, and Alexis Beucler for your work. Special thanks to our local crew which included the ladies in pink: Jakalya, Zoë, and Destiny

  • Consensus


    Consensus: An Exhibition

    Contemporary artwork ranging from abstract painting, sculpture, video collage, ceramics, drawing, and narrative painting all join in unanimity. Creating in discrete disciplines but within an alike environment, these works reverberate an aura of the here and now.

    Works from FSU BFA artists Alexis Beucler, Kelley Cunningham, Max Epstein, Aubrey Finnegan, Sara Gottfried, Menika Lue, Kylie McGinnis, James Parker, Sarah Piper, Kristin Sanders, Michael Sauers, Madalyn Tucker and regional artist & FSU professor, Mark Messersmith, will be on display from 1 April - 4 April 2016.

    Please join us this First Friday at Railroad Square to stomp across Max's new space and enjoy some art!

  • BIG MIKE's Tea Ceremony

    BIG MIKE's Tea Ceremony

    Getting ready for the first show in Max Epstein's gallery space and glass workshop, Tallahassee Glassworks, BIG MIKE performed a tea ceremony in celebration.

    The show is titled Concensus

  • FSU Excellence in Visual Arts Award Recipient

    FSU Excellence in Visual Arts Award Recipient

    I received FSU's Excellence in Visual Arts award. From May 2015 - May 2016, my Liquid Landscape (panels I- IV) paintings will be on display in the Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House smile emoticon it's above the new Chick-fil-a on the FSU main campus.

    And no, I did not change my name to "Alexis Boucle." It's still "Alexis Beucler"

  • Distraction Destruction

    Distraction Destruction

    Distraction Destruction: Emerging Artist Show
    "Painting is the answer to painting"

    Opening 4th March 2016
    At the 621 Annex
    Railroad Square, Tallahassee, FL

    Giovanna Alvarez
    Alexis Beucler
    Sara Caruso
    Kelley Cunningham
    Matthew Dudley
    Nicholas Geshwiler
    Haley Greenberg
    Jordan Groff
    Kellyann Henderson
    Julianne Humphreys
    Menika Lue
    Diana McLemore
    Samantha Murray
    Dylan Oliveira
    Maralyn Tucker
    Zak Weinberg

  • Marked Lands

    Marked Lands

    Collaborative show between artists Alexis Beucler (left), Laura O'Connor (center), and Maria Ojeda (right)

  • Maria Ojeda

    Maria Ojeda

    Meet Maria Ojeda! Working with fiber arts and drawing collage, Maria is one of the three artists in the "Marked Lands" collaborative show.

    Statement: "Like water, the formation of civilization brings with out all it passes over. Collectives pick up and deposit geological and cultural sediment, moving assiduously through suggested routes, which by use, become carven paths. Connections haphazardly break the silence of cyclical nature. Power lines, utilities, and all other necessary implants designed for survival quickly disappear in the noise of repetitious life. Humanity accumulates in piles & sprawls, contracting, overflowing, and expanding. An infusion of fences, telephone poles, and paths upon path upon paths... Cliffs break under weight of organization. Crowned peeks are flattened, replaced with towers of human imagination, beaming comfort across appropriated lands.

    By using material and memorial remnants, I attempt to stage these events. This has become an aesthetic from comfort as a necessity and construction as a compulsion; a struggle between settlement and movement, where whimsy reconciles."

  • Laura O'Connor

    Laura O'Connor

    Meet Laura O'Connor! Working with drawing collage and ceramics, Laura is one of the three artists in the "Marked Lands" collaboration show.

    Statement: "I seek to understand my yearning for connection and search for belonging through the objects I craft. Over years of transience, I have met many people and acquired different languages: yet despite shared experiences, I continue to untangle a deep lonesomeness. Through cathartic repetitive processes such as ceramic coil rolling and geometric structure building, I create landscapes from shared stories using images of networks. I strive to honor the beauty and interaction between raw materials, allowing space for each to be seen as it truly is."

  • Marked Lands

    Marked Lands

    "Marked Lands" is a collaborative exhibition between three artists, Alexis Beucler, Laura O'Connor, and Maria Ojeda. Painting, cardboard and clay, fiber and paper, all come together in an exploration of infrastructures of self and civilization.

    When: Thursday, 3 March 2016 from 7-9pm
    Where: Phyllis Straus Gallery (2214 Bellevue Way, Tallahassee, FL32304)

    Light refreshments & a limited edition of catalogues will be available!

  • An Open Exchange

    An Open Exchange

    An evening of multitudes. We are of participating and performing, of listening and speaking, of seeking and interacting.

    Hunter Heerema
    Alexis Beucler
    Madalyn Tucker
    Cailín Alainn
    Daniel Rodriguez
    Zachary Pelo
    Catherine Liu
    Brooke Huseby
    Gabrielle Arnold
    Danielle LeBlanc
    CD Davidson-Hiers
    Luke Lovelady

    Thursday, February 25, 8-10pm

    Light refreshments will be available.
    An edition of posters available on a first come, first serve basis.

    Performances will begin at 8:30. This event is happening alongside Working Method Contemporary's "Image Abreaction"

  • "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" Show

    "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" Show

    "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" is an invited collaborative art show in the Phillis Straus Gallery: "A disparate collection of works that are currently still in progress, set aside for a while, or abandoned completely. Also kind of like the NPR show, but not as clever."

    I exhibited the Ladies on a Mountain WIP painting.

    Dates: January 29-Feb 6th

  • "Honerable Mention" Award for "Liquid Landscape"

    "Honerable Mention" Award for "Liquid Landscape"

    "Liquid Landscape" received an "Honorable Mention" award at the Valdosta National 2016 group exhibition!

    Where: Dedo-Maranville Fine Arts Gallery, VSU Fine Arts Building, corner of Oak and Brookwood.
    When: The exhibit runs from 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday.
    Reception: A free, public opening reception is scheduled for 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday.
    Gallery hours: 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays; 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Fridays.
    More information: Contact Julie Bowland, gallery director, (229) 333.5835, or email Julie Bowland.

  • Valdosta National 2016 annual exhibition!

    Valdosta National 2016 annual exhibition!

    I was accepted into the Valdosta National 2016 annual exhibition!

    Here's an excerpt from the Valdosta news report link above:

    "VALDOSTA — The Valdosta National art exhibit has become one of the best annual art shows in Valdosta. While the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts’ Spring Into Art is the premier exhibit to showcase local and regional artists, Valdosta State University Art’s Valdosta National has become the region’s premier showcase of art from across the nation.

    Granted, anyone nationwide can enter the open Spring Into Art, and anyone local can enter the juried Valdosta National, and occasionally these lines do cross, but the Valdosta National allows area art patrons the opportunity to see distant artists’ styles and themes.

    This is VSU’s 28th annual juried art show open to artists nationwide.
    Julie Bowland, VSU Fine Arts Gallery director, said 338 works were submitted this year by 115 artists stretching from across the U.S. From the hundreds of entries, 47 artworks representing 42 artists from 28 states were selected for the show, she said.

    “The exhibition is an explosively colorful and diverse collection of visual expression which includes oil, acrylic, and mixed media painting, graphite and pastel drawing, mixed-media sculpture, printmaking, silver gelatin print, digital photography, collage and video,” Bowland said.

    Carrie Anne Baade is the person who made the choices. She has exhibited works throughout the nation and world. Her “oil paintings are rich with allegorical narratives,” according to bio information provided by Valdosta State University Art. She is an associate professor of painting and drawing at Florida State University.

  • Boxcar Press

    Boxcar Press

    Letterpress On Campus
    This article mentions Florida State University's letterpress class that I participated in:

    Florida State University – Tallahassee, Florida— Letterpress is a new class within the FSU Printmaking curriculum, and started in the Spring of 2015 under the direction of Denise Bookwalter (Director of the FSU printmaking program) and Allison Milham (former FSU adjunct professor). Allison Milham designed and executed the entire letterpress studio, and taught the inaugural class last spring. The class is built around learning traditional letterpress printing techniques (hand-set metal type, etc.) in combination with more experimental techniques (pressure printing, laser etched printing plates, etc.). Students are taught the fundamentals of how the press works, so they can take that knowledge into any studio and find success on any press they come across. The pressroom has two Vandercook 219s (one is an Adjustable Bed), and one Chandler and Price Pilot Press.

    Denise Bookwalter created the letterpress class so that it is open to both printmaking students, and students outside of the printmaking program. Ashley Gorham is teaching a Printed Book class in the studio in which the advanced printmaking students are using the Vandercooks to make artist’s books. For many of her students, this is their first experience with letterpress printing (and look how much fun they’re having!). The programs are still very new but possibly in the future there will be a community education program to broaden the interest and knowledge in letterpress.

  • 2 October 2015: Group Show: "Tall Tales & Cheap Tricks"

    2 October 2015: Group Show: "Tall Tales & Cheap Tricks"

    "Tall Tales & Cheap Tricks" was a narrative painting art show by BA/BFA Undergraduate Students of FSU taking place the 2nd of October in the Railroad Square Art Park 621 Annex Art Gallery. The show was curated by the illustrious and enigmatic Carrie Ann Baade.

  • 17-27 September 2015: Group Show: "Lasting Encounters: The Self"

    17-27 September 2015: Group Show: "Lasting Encounters: The Self"

    "Lasting Encounters: The Self" was a FSU BFA & MFA art show in the Phyllis Straus Gallery curriated by Christopher Steven Watkins and Carlos E. Kempff on September 17-27th.

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines encounter as a meeting face to face—among other similar things. When one thinks about it, there is only one truly lasting encounter throughout one’s life, and it is with one self. The construction of the self and its identity is an arduous task that involves many individuals, situations, and history: other lasting encounters. This exhibition will highlight how, within their practice, visual artists deal with themes of identity and heritage in a globalized world, where race, gender, and sexuality have taken center stage in the discussion of cultural development.

    Artists featured: Alexis Beucler, James Parker, Laura O'Connor, Brooke Huseby, Scott Bell, Rayna DeReus, Michelle Eccles, Sharon Norwood, Melissa Artieda, Lucia Riffel, Connor Hersey, Gisela Fernandez, Mathew Adams, Nathaniel Hendrickson

  • 5 December 2014 Group Show: "Ephemeral Sculptures, Installation Art, Participatory Events, and 1000+ Handprinted Postcards"

    5 December 2014 Group Show: "Ephemeral Sculptures, Installation Art, Participatory Events, and 1000+ Handprinted Postcards"

    This show was curated by Haley Lauw on 5 December 2014 in the 621 Annex gallery, Railroad Square, Tallahassee, FL. The show exhibited works from FSU BFA/BA Undergraduate Students.

    Participants: Melissa Artieda, Kaylee Behn, Alexis Beucler, Whitney Brtowski, Leiani Childree, Jessica Ciani, Natalie Colline, Samantha Downey, Aubrey Finnegan, Meg Fulford, Karla Galvan, Melissa Gibbs, Russell Green, Hunter Heerema, Celeste Ivory, Morgan Jackson, Jaymi London, Michele Magaro, Frank Manley, Kylie McGinnis, Kiana McLemore, Lindsey Monteiro, Elisabeth Pancoast, Tarek Patton, Ryan Shaw, Samantha Sole, Luke Votzke, Taylor Williams

  • 22 March 2014: "Static Feelings: An Installation and Performance"

    22 March 2014: "Static Feelings: An Installation and Performance"

    This group show was curated by Kelly Boehmer and Chuck Carbia in the 621 Annex, Tallahassee FL. The show exhibited works from FSU BFA/BA Undergraduate Students.