Digital Art Projects > Non-Sensical Merge: Photoshop

In graphic design, what looks dramatic? Comic? Would high contrast contribute to drama? Would odd proportions possibly contribute to a visual comic effect? The goal of these exercises is to develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of using Photoshop as a photo-manipulation software and broaden awareness of its creative capabilities.

Learning Objectives
-- Grasp the basics of Photoshop basics
-- Practice ethical practices of using stock images
-- Reinforce the importance of craftsmanship
-- Become skilled at generating design concepts

Project Overview
-- Select one image—a dog, a snake, a tree—anything. Now select another image that has nothing to do with or is mostly unrelated to the first image—a cloud, a shoe, a fire hydrant—anything.
-- Merge the two images in a seamless way. Execute the merges as a notation, as a silhouette, or as created through the use of contour, light, and shadow, expressionist strokes, etc.

-- In Photoshop, create 1 new document with the following specifications: letter 8.5x11” portrait or landscape orientation, no bleed, CMYK color, 300 ppi.