Digital Art Projects > Recipe Project: Food Illustration

Students will create a food recipe instruction guide that blends illustration and typography together. Before beginning the project, students will research illustrators and styles to be inspired by. They are encouraged to try a style they have not done before. After gathering inspiration materials, students will begin the creative project that is composed of 3 parts:

Part 1: Food Inspired Illustration
Part 2: Recipe Publication Design
Part 3: Interactive Webpage

Part I: Food Illustration

-- Choose a favorite food-- this food will be the theme for the recipe project so select something that's delicious, meaningful to you, and inspires your creativity!
-- Choose an artistic illustration style that you admire. This style should be challenging for you. Research more artists working in the similar style. Save images to an "inspiration folder." You'll share these with your peers and instructor for feedback.
-- In Photoshop or Illustrator (your choice), create an illustration inspired by the food and artistic style you are interested in. This is a full-page illustration that should include more than the food. -- Include a person(s) in some way. This illustration can be (but is not limited to): people shopping at a grocery store and buying items for the recipe, a family gathering, multi-tasking imagery, the dinner table, etc.
-- Format: tabloid landscape (11x17")

Part II: Recipe Publication Design
Step 1: Illustrator
-- Find a delicious recipe for your food
Create a minimum of 10 vector graphics that visually describe how to make the recipe. Think more in the realm of Ikea furniture instructions-- the graphics are clear, concise, and get the point across with minimal words. These vector elements can be ingredients, tools, steps, etc.
-- Recommended: make each vector graphic on their own independent art boards that are each the same size
-- Once you've created vector illustrations, save each illustration as individual vector files (.SVG).

Step 2: InDesign
-- Create a file with 2 8.5x11" pages. These make a spread that's 11x17"
-- Left page: focus on recipe title and introduction
-- Right page: focus on ingredients and directions
-- Import SVG vector illustration files from Illustrator and incorporate them onto both pages

Step 3: Interactive Web Design
-- Create an interactive page on your website dedicated to this recipe. This page should be user-friendly, function on computers and phone displays, and display all necessary information in an accessible format.

-- Include the following text components:
-- Recipe title
-- A blurb about the dish-- this can be personal, cultural, factual, etc.
-- Recipe instructions
-- Include the following visual elements:
-- Food illustration from part 1
-- 10+ vector illustrations from part 2
-- Create and include a GIF. Follow this guide: Make your own GIF workshop.pdf Download Make your own GIF workshop.pdf
-- Optional: include photographs (that you have taken and edited) of your dish